About Integrity Saw & Tool

INTEGRITY (in teg' re te):  1) Uprightness of character and honest. 2) The condition of quality of being unimpaired or sound.

Integrity is more than just a word to us.
Plain and simple, it's the only way we do business.

From the day we opened our doors, we were determined to conduct business ethically and fairly - and live up to our name. Our goal is to be a premier tool and cutter grinding shop that is both reliable and responsive. We invest in the latest technology and consistently produce the most accurately ground tools possible. And Thanks to our entire team's commitment to success, we've built a solid reputation for excellence.

In today's highly competitive global marketplace, quality and precision is paramount, and cycle time is critical. Tight tolerances and urgent deadlines are the norm. In the machine tool business, that means your cutting tools must keep their cutting edge, or your company will lose its competitive edge.

Our Competitive Edge

Integrity Saw & Tool has customers in the machine tool and woodworking industries in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and Eastern Minnesota, providing quality CNC-manufactured precision cutting tools. We offer a variety of services that help our tooling and woodworking customers stay competitive and keep costs down:

The Right Tool for the Job

Not sure which tool you need for a particular application? Integrity Saw & Tool can guide you. Because we are distributors of leading tool brands, we can help you find exactly the right tool your job requires.

Custom Cutting Tools

If your job demands more than a standard off-the-shelf tool, we can manufacture everything from custom saw blades in diameters from 2 inches to 36 inches with special kerfs, bores, bolt patterns, pinholes or tooth count, to machine tools with complex geometry and finishing. No problem at Integrity Saw & Tool. We also provide modified tooling services to increase and enhance the function of off-the-shelf products.

Tool Sharpening Services

Over the years, we've provided reconditioned and custom cutting tools to help a wide range of industries get the job done for their customers. At Integrity Saw & Tool, we offer tool sharpening, tool regrinding and custom cutting tools, from common saws to high-speed steel, carbide and carbide-tipped tools. We also recondition high-speed drills.

Pickup and Delivery

To help our customers serve their customers more efficiently, we offer prompt fulfillment of orders - typically 24 to 48 hours - and regular pickup and delivery services throughout our service region.