Your Cutters Are Saving Us Thousands of Dollars in Man Hours. Briggs & Stratton


Listening to Ted Stuckart talk about IST’s latest upgrade sounds a little like the intro to “The Six Million Dollar Man.”

That’s because Integrity Saw & Tool’s new physical vapor deposition (PVD) machine will allow the company to better serve their customers by turning out stronger tools at a faster rate.

“The new PVD coating machine increases our internal capabilities, giving IST greater flexibility and control over quality,” Stuckart, IST’s business development manager, said.

The Platit π111 Plus improves the properties of tools, such as end mills and custom tooling, by combining different materials and gases to create a film that coats the cutting area of the tool. The coatings can decrease friction, make the tool harder and/or augment the tool in other ways.

Whereas IST used to work with an outside partner for recoating services, the nearly $1 million investment now puts IST in elite company since very few businesses in Wisconsin provide in-house coating.

“We’re always looking for ways to set ourselves apart from the competition,” Stuckart said. “Our PVD coating machine will allow us to reach a broader audience, including the medical industry, and potentially position IST as a subcontractor for other businesses.”

The new PVD coating machine has been in full production since February. In addition to the high quality they have always enjoyed from IST, customers have also received an unexpected benefit from the new addition.

“As a courtesy to our customers, we’re automatically upgrading applications that require TiALN and ALTiN to NACO, a titanium silicon nitrate, at no extra charge,” Stuckart said.

IST might not be able to make a bionic man, but the new PVD coating machine is sure to save the day for many regional businesses.

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