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When problems arise, it’s IST to the rescue

At Integrity Saw & Tool, we pride ourselves on not only our technical skills, but also the softer side of the business.

Staff portrait of Jason Goron

That’s why we celebrate when a member of our staff gets recognized for exceptional customer service — which happened recently with Jason Goron, an account manager who has worked at IST for more than 15 years.

Midwest Tops was already a customer of IST’s when Kris Zynel became Corian Shop Foreman there in 2006. The company, which specializes in fabricated countertops for the construction and remodeling industries, consistently looks to IST for its router bits, saw blades and CNC tooling.

But according to Kris, Jason’s dedication to making sure Midwest Tops is happy with IST’s quality and service goes beyond a routine, every-other-Monday face-to-face.

“Jason will stop in on an off week with a delivery if he knows it is something I really need,” Kris said. “His attention to detail makes me feel like I’m his No. 1 customer.”

Recently, when a large order of router bits was delayed by Customs, Jason went out of his way to resolve the issue and ensure Midwest Tops was satisfied with the turnaround time. Thanks to Jason’s dedication, what could have easily been a negative experience only strengthened the two businesses’ relationship.

“We’ve always appreciated the stellar customer service we get from Integrity, but Jason has taken it to another level,” Kris said. “He goes out of his way if I order one bit or fifty bits!”

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