Taking Control

Integrity Tool & Saw’s CNC Department features highly precise ANCA CNC tool grinders. ANCA is a vertically integrated, world-leading designer and manufacturer of high precision CNC grinding machines, software and automation accessories that provide system solutions. Our ANCA models include:

  • MX7
  • RGX
  • RX7
  • TX7
  • TX7+
  • CPX

The CNC Department consists of highly skilled, detail-oriented and quality-devoted operators whose consistent precision in their work reflects what our company is all about!


Kurt Behnke
Kurt BehnkeCNC Operator
Dave Renderman
Dave RendermanCNC Operator/Coordinator
Earl McCulley
Earl McCulleyCNC Lead Operator, Tool Programmer
 Zach Zimmel
Zach ZimmelCNC Operator, Tool Programmer
Matt Piotrzkowski
Matt PiotrzkowskiSpinning/CNC Operator
Wade Plautz
Wade Plautz2nd Shift CNC Lead
Jason Pender
Jason PenderCNC/Spinning Operator
Jonathon Hauschild
Jonathon HauschildCNC Operator
Joe Domask
Joe DomaskCNC Operator/Edge Prep