Complex Tools for Complicated Applications

When a job is too complex for an end mill — or further detailing is needed after an end mill is employed — a precisely calibrated port tool is the ideal solution. Integrity Saw & Tool offers high-performance port tools and G drills for engine manifolds, hydraulic systems, and a variety of other applications.

We can work with a CAD drawing or sketch or even reverse-engineer an existing port tool. Put IST’s expertise to work for you today!


From your CAD drawing or hand sketch, Integrity Saw & Tool manufactures the precise custom cutting tools you need to do the job. Whether your application is production, prototype or short run, we can manufacture the tool you need. If you have a standard tool that needs to be modified, we do that too. New custom cutting tools are manufactured from solid carbide blanks.

Plus, we can do it again. Digital files of your custom cutting tools are maintained for future use and exact results if you need to reorder. The digital files allow us to program our computer numerically controlled (CNC) equipment to manufacture the tools to your precise specifications.

With a high degree of technology at every step of the manufacturing process, precise operating tolerances and consistency are guaranteed. Integrity Saw & Tool continually invests in state-of-the-art technology to give us a cutting-edge advantage over the competition.